I just ran 9.4km in 42 minutes

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Icon Aug 6, 2008

That works out at basically 4:30min per km over a flat and easy course. For a training run, I am happy with that. It indicates to me that I have returned to a reasonable base fitness. From here, over the next few months, I need to start doing a few things:

  • A tough weekly interval/fartlek session
  • A weekly/fortnightly long run building from 10km up to about 25km
  • Compete in a few running events such as the 10km fun run as part of the Wagga Wagga Trail Marathon and the Lake to Lagoon
  • Regularly (but not every week) attend Wagga Road Runners
  • Continue to do plenty of cross training (bike riding) and at least 60mins every day of stretches/core strength work