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  • Google Analytics GA4 migration

    Google Analytics GA4 migration

    Steps to upgrade from Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4

  • Sitecore Send (Moosend) – everything you wanted to know

    Sitecore Send (Moosend) – everything you wanted to know

    Overview Sitecore acquired Moosend in 2021. Moosend is an innovative SaaS-based marketing automation and campaign management platform. When you access the platform, it is still branded as Moosend, but for the sake of clarity (and longevity of this blog post), I’ll refer to the product as Sitecore Send. Getting started Anyone can sign up for […]

  • Sitecore User Group Conference (SUGCON) ANZ 2022 – Reflections and key takeaways

    Sitecore User Group Conference (SUGCON) ANZ 2022 – Reflections and key takeaways

    First things first, I am a Sitecore noob. My first login to Sitecore was last month, in July 2022. Since then, I’ve played with Content and Experience Editor, Experience Analytics, Experience Optimisation, and the Marketing Control Panel. Most of my time over the last few weeks was spent outside Sitecore, learning and delivering Sitecore Business […]

  • 2021 thoughts to explore further

    Here is a list of thoughts I picked up from readings and podcasts throughout the year. I should have captured better notes so I could attribute each to its source, but suffice to say that these are all other people’s ideas that I have, at best, expressed in my own way. A bit of googling […]

  • Systems over goals

    I came across this idea earlier this year and I keep coming back to it when thinking about stand-out takeaway insights from the many hours of podcasts I’ve listened to in 2021 so far. Attributed to Scott Adams, the essence of the idea is that implementing systems is more effective than goals, as a way […]

  • Web product roadmap

    One of the non-negotiables in leading the strategic management and improvement of a large, complex web environment is having a roadmap of activity for a given period of time, broken down by program and project that clearly outlines the main outcomes to be delivered. Activities in the roadmap should all align with strategic priorities and […]

  • The Hyperactive Hive Mind

    I recently finished reading ‘A World Without Email’ by Cal Newport. My key takeaway is that the biggest challenge to effective modern work practices is the presence of the Hyperactive Hive Mind (HHM), which Cal defines as: “A workflow centred around ongoing conversation fueled by unstructured and unscheduled messages delivered through digital communication toosl like […]

  • From service to strategy

    Planning your way to a more productive web team The following is a modified version of a presentation I gave at Higher Education Websites Conference 2018 If you want your web team to play a more strategic role at your organisation, you won’t succeed by operating like a website help desk.  The following is an […]

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)

    I have been refining my thoughts and developing my thinking on KPIs over the last few years. In simplest terms, I think of KPIs as indicators of ‘whether we are winning or not’. A good KPI should indicate, in no uncertain terms, whether our activities are helping us realise the results we are responsible for. […]

  • Monthly planning

    I block out 2hrs in my calendar at the start of every month for a personal review and planning activity. It’s often tempting to skip this recurring appointment task, particular if my calendar is otherwise busy, but it’s always a worthwhile use of my time. It’s a monthly activity specifically because it forces me to […]

  • Weekly 1:1

    Do you have a short, sharp weekly check-in with each of your direct reports? I do, and I could not imagine managing others without doing something along these lines. What works for me is; keeping it regular e.g. weekly, following a consistent format i.e. a set structure, process, time, location, and making it a two-way […]

  • Stand up schedule

    One of the things I love about the scrum framework is that it’s easy to customise and adapt to your own needs and preferences. My department is made up of 3 functional teams and a couple of other functional leads. We had always had 1 daily standup that focussed on the updates from the single […]

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