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  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)

    I have been refining my thoughts and developing my thinking on KPIs over the last few years. In simplest terms, I think of KPIs as indicators of ‘whether we are winning or not’. A good KPI should indicate, in no uncertain terms, whether our activities are helping us realise the results we are responsible for. […]

  • From service to strategy

    Planning your way to a more productive web team The following is a modified version of a presentation I gave at Higher Education Websites Conference 2018 If you want your web team to play a more strategic role at your organisation, you won’t succeed by operating like a website help desk.  The following is an […]

  • Monthly planning

    I block out 2hrs in my calendar at the start of every month for a personal review and planning activity. It’s often tempting to skip this recurring appointment task, particular if my calendar is otherwise busy, but it’s always a worthwhile use of my time. It’s a monthly activity specifically because it forces me to […]

  • Weekly 1:1

    Do you have a short, sharp weekly check-in with each of your direct reports? I do, and I could not imagine managing others without doing something along these lines. What works for me is; keeping it regular e.g. weekly, following a consistent format i.e. a set structure, process, time, location, and making it a two-way […]

  • Stand up schedule

    One of the things I love about the scrum framework is that it’s easy to customise and adapt to your own needs and preferences. My department is made up of 3 functional teams and a couple of other functional leads. We had always had 1 daily standup that focussed on the updates from the single […]