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Icon Jul 19, 2008

I’m running again, slowly but surely. And not exactly without limitations, but I’m getting there, ever so slowly.
I reckon it will be well into spring before I am satisfactorily ‘fit’ again, as long as I stay injury-free. I had forgotten how awful the process of ‘getting fit’ is, and so I have a new appreciation for those people starting out on an exercise regime only to give up because it is all too hard.
Short term goals:
* 2 August, 2008
29th birthday – 1hr of constant easy running
* 17 August, 2008
10km Wagga fun run – complete event in 45min-ish
* 14 September, 2008
9km Wagga Lake to Lagoon – respectable time
Recent performances:
* July 18, 2008
Distance: 8.55km
Duration: 40′ 5″
Calories: 633
* July 17, 2008
Distance: 6.80km
Duration: 30′ 46″
Calories: 503
* July 16, 2008
Distance: 6.73km
Duration: 30′ 9″
Calories: 498

7 Replies to “Running”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Cade i know whats its like i have state cross country on friday and i have just started running again after 6 weeks off NOT FUN!!!

  2. may says:

    HEY! you share the same birthday as my mum!
    good job on ramping up the running. i’m actually about to head off to the gym to run on the treadmill. i don’t know why but i just love running on the treadmill (probably because i don’t need to worry about being scared of strange people and dogs and rocks). i usually run for about 30-1 hr and apparently it’s about 700 calories…which makes me think that maybe it’s wrong because you seem to do an awful lot of running, much more than me and your calorie count is lower….?

  3. Cade says:

    Probably cause you are so short it takes more energy for your legs to go around and cover the same amount of distance…

  4. may says:

    ok so i went to the gym last night and i was wrong (i did use a different treadmill so maybe that’s why the huge difference).
    in this treadmill i put in my weight (50kgs) and i walked half an hour, ran/jogged since it was only 6.6km/hr for 45 minutes and that was…about 200 calories? BIG difference! hahaha.
    i figured out that it was roughly about 1 calorie every 200 metres i jogged.
    what are you using to figure this all out? your ipod nike thing?

  5. Cade says:

    yep. ipod nike thing. it’s not particularly accurate, and varies depending on how fast I go i.e. if I go fast, it seems more accurate than if I go slow (going slowly seems to make it think I went further than I actually do).

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