Update for Talia Mersey

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Icon Sep 4, 2009

Talia, 2 years old.
Sleeps in her cot with her white Happy and a big bird that she has plucked all the feathers out of. She is only allowed to have those two things when she is in bed, but she tries most days to bring them out of her room at some stage. She is the best sleeper – she gets excited about her lunch time sleep time and laughs all the way to the bedroom after saying ¨straight to bed!¨.
She is speaking really well now, we can mostly understand everything she says. She calls Maisie ¨sister¨ and Alice ¨bubba¨. She loves to sing and when asked what she wants to sing she usually says ¨do ba ba¨ or ¨10, 9, 8¨. In the car she asks for COLIN.
She has little games of mamma, dadda and bubba for things all over the place, like her turtles in the bath and now her fingers and any duplo or little people that she can find. She calls it her people game.
She has a very toothy grin and has dimples. Her hair is still too short to wear up in a bow or even a clip, but it has grown! Its kind of a brown/blonde/red colour. She has beautiful big blue eyes with extremely long black eyelashes.
She is very emotional and can get upset very easily. Her tantys are usually about 1/2 hour long or so. One yesterday went for about 50 minutes because she didnt want to wear her swimmers to the pool, she wanted to wear Maisies. She is also very affectionate and loves giving kisses and cuddles to people.
She follows and copies everything that ¨sister¨ does and is always looking for a laugh from people. She does not like any type of noise – and lets you know about things she doesnt like by telling you ¨me like that¨ and shaking her head at the same time.

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  1. Cara says:

    Looks like both our number two children know how to ramp up the tantrum status!! Elisha puts Caelan’s tantrums to shame!! And he’s only 19mths – not looking forward to the ‘twos’.

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