things we have forgotten about a newborn baby #1

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Icon Jul 27, 2007

Pretty much everything that happened the first time around has almost all been forgotten, even though its only 13 months later. We are back to square one with trying remember how it all works. Here is a brief rundown of what we have figured out so far:
They are awake a bit. They sleep a bit. They eat a bit. They poo a lot.
(This last point was very much the case this morning when Tali was having her nappy changed on the couch and as soon as the nappy was off, there was projectile poo everywhere. Not nice when you have just woken up and are still in your PJ’s.)

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  1. mumsie says:

    Great to see Tali is keeping the dream alive. . . . . . . in varying depths. Love you all Lots Mumsie / Nanny Jill x

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