Tally @3.3

Tally is our dreamer. She has the funniest little personality – at time trying so hard to fit in with her big sister, but really not knowing whats going on! She has the “anything you can do I can do better” attitude, which at times makes for some funny moments and also means that she doesnt like to be left out of things.


She is almost the same height as her big sister – and we have started getting a lot of “are they twins” comments from people since her hair has started (finally!!) to grow. She is a very emotional little girl – mostly happy but very easily gets upset. She still loves her rest time – if we are out before lunch its not uncommon for Tal to fall asleep in the car before arriving home. She doesnt like to be woken up – she has to have time to wake herself and do her own thing first. We have found this hard at times – esp at night when waking her to go to the toilet! Big Bird still lives in her bed with her and even tho she did give up her “happy” when she turned 3, we did notice her looking over her friend Annas white happy when she was here and she finally said to us “I want my white happy back – I didnt want to put it in the bin!”.

She has a vivid imagination and loves to make up stories and games about people and places that are in her own little world. She is heading off to pre school for a half day friday next year, which she has been talking about for months now. In her mind she has already started there and has friends and teachers that do all kinds of crazy stuff! I think she will really benefit from having her own time away.


Food and Tally go hand in hand. She is our best eater – every night her plate will be cleaned first, unless she is sick! She will eat pretty much anything and then be asking whats for dessert! She loves the water and is excited about re learning how to swim in our pool. She takes minimal risks – she likes to know what the outcome will be before she has done something. She also loves to help around the house, but usually only lasts a couple of minutes before she gets distracted about something else thats going on.


She is very loving and caring, and is always happy to sit and have a huggle. She loves sitting with me on the couch at the moment and just rubbing my belly and talking to the baby about anything that might be going on and thinking up names to call it. She is a beautiful little girl and its a pleasure being her parent.

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