Talia Mersey @4.3

Tally is still our dreamy girl. Not much has changed in the past year, she still loves her sleep and her big bird, is still trying to keep up with her big sister and still is our best eater!!
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She has flourished at pre school – having her own time with her own friends has been great. She brings home a back pack full of craft every week and now likes to do drawing/pasting/writing every day.

She sings and sings and sings, everything has a song to it, its kind of like she lives in a musical. Tally loves to play any game that involves people – shops, restaurants, houses, library’s, dogs, mums and dads and grandmas, church etc etc. She is a pretty quick runner and was first in the pool this year. Dundock the Dog still makes an appearance every now and then.

Tally’s hair is a wild mess of curls and this matches her personality! Her imagination is wild and large and she loves to share stories with you. She loves to be outside helping me in the garden where she hunts down anything that creeps or crawls. She finds little “friends” and talks to them and involved them in her games.
tally and her friends
digging for worms

She loves to cuddle on the couch and snuggle in bed with us – usually the first one up from both her day sleep and in the mornings, means lots of huggling time whilst she wakes up.

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