Night 4 = winner!

Tally cut up her “happy” dummy and put it in the bin on Saturday in preparation for turning 3 years old. She struggled a bit getting to sleep for the last couple of nights (day sleeps have been okay) but tonight was night 4 and straight to bed and asleep within 10 minutes.

We were wondering how she would go – she was very attached to her “happy” and would often try and sneak it out of her room (its was only for sleep time and waking up or just about to go to bed time), so I am glad that it has worked out better than what we thought it would.

And yes, she still has Big Bird to sleep with – although he has seen much better days, I dont think she will be giving him up for anyone as yet!

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2 thoughts on “Night 4 = winner!”

  1. Well i still have me teddy from when i was born…… so she could end up like me if her big bird lasts that long…..they don’t make teddies like they used to 😀

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