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Icon Dec 10, 2008

Talias first meeting with Alice didnt really mean to much to her – she just wanted me to put her back into the hospital bed and let her sit and watch play school in peace. The last few days however, Talis interest in her little sister has increased somewhat.
Yesterday was the first day that she showed a wanting to hold Alice on the couch – which she did with a massive big grin and lots of grunts and groans of joy.
Today, she came in with me to get Alice out of bed, and then ran off into the lounge room where she patted the couch as to where she wanted us to sit. We are pretty sure that she is saying some form of her name “alische” – well thats what it sounds like anyway!

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  1. bec says:

    well at least you haven’t had sibling fights over Alice yet, we have a video of james and i when tim was a baby and mum haveing to intervine because we were fighting over which person tim was looking at, which involved us hitting each other and moving tim’s head. it will be great to see you guys at chrisie
    lots of love rebecca

  2. aunty nat says:

    How funny are the grunting noises.

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