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17 Replies to “Renovating”

  1. Cade says:


  2. Taka says:

    Hello!How are you? My name is Taka Okubo.I play futsal at Tochigi prefecture
    in Japan.I made BLOG of the team’OKUBO SHOUTEN’.
    Could you access my Blog and Link? Please reply.
    Thank you.

  3. Cade says:

    But I don’t read Japanese.

  4. Cades Dad says:

    Hey Cade, Miss the info.
    Just FYI. My wife and I have a 11 month old whom we’ve named Cade. Found your site after wondering one day what other Cade’s in the world might be up to.
    I showed your site to my wife and we figure you must be alright cause your a runner. All those endorphins and what not.
    Anyway. Take care.
    Brian Corrigan

  5. jordan says:

    Come on cade, Japanese futsal, how can you resist?
    Hurrah for textPattern, and eventual RSS feeds, allowing me to remain lazy 🙂

  6. cade says:

    WordPress actually 🙂

  7. otis says:


  8. otis says:

    How long is this taking??? sheez…
    i swear it’s making me want to go to church again, hurry up and fix ur site cade!!

  9. Benj Shanahan says:

    Hey – my sister’s name is Lisa Shanahan. It’s really weired seeing wedding photos of someone who is her but is not. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Funney hey. Just wanted to say hi and congrats on the wedding and several years belated congratulations for the wedding. Lovely pics. Wink wink.

  10. Benj Shanahan says:

    Not repeating myself. But I just wanted to say congratulations on the wedding.
    P.S Did Lisa write ‘My daddy’s having a horse’, and ‘Gorden’s Got a Snookie’
    P.P.S Wink wink.

  11. Benj Shanahan says:

    I hope I haven’t made a fool of myself already.

  12. Cade says:

    Yes Benj, you have made a fool of yourself, really.
    Why were you searching for wedding photo’s of your sister if she’s not married yet?

  13. boexn says:

    hmmm. what the?
    when you coming back cadesterella?

  14. Graham72 says:

    Well some great news finally got me to post again 😉
    It’s been too long.
    ALL the best.
    I was in Sydney a fortnight ago collecting Matthew & Julia from the airport on their return to OZ, but they were too tired to visit anyone, instead they had a quick dip in the sea at brightonlesands, then I missed the turnoff to the motorway so we ended up in Newtown and then headed south again…

  15. Богдан says:

    Автор, посты у вас, конечно, очень интересные. Но вы не думали заменить дизайн?

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