Unfriend Yourself: Three Days to Detox, Discern, and Decide About Social Media

I read this short book (Kindle version) in a couple of hours rather than taking the whole weekend as the author suggests. It certainly draws on other more substantial work such as Tim Challies ‘The Next Story’. However still has some thought provoking ideas and the author’s style of writing is very accessible.

I recommend it as a useful short primer in helping Christians to think more critically about the form and function of social media – and in particular, how we each as individuals should use it.

I have consciously been using social media less and less over the last couple of years – for a number of contributing reasons, all of which the author picks up on. I have found the simplest and best approach to using social media is to stop before posting and ask the simple question ‘why?’ – why post this? what purpose is it serving? Sometimes I will have a good answer to this, most times I won’t, so I won’t post.

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