Preach: Theology meets practice by Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert

My notes and comments below based on the content of the book. Available on Amazon.

Aim of the book is to show reasons from the bible why expository preaching is important. 3 specific reasons why this book:

  1. Increase confidence in preached word of God
  2. Increase confidence in biblical exposition
  3. Improve reputation of expository preaching

Ch 1: God speaks

God speaks,  therefore we preach. See Romans 10
Isaiah 41-44 God mocks other non-speaking Gods

Preaching = express/reflection of a speaking God

Ch 2: Power of God’s words

Power of God’s words: creates, judgement, commands, heals
Ezekial 37 – Dry bones reference
2 Cor 5:20 – be reconciled to God through the proclamation of his word

Ch 3: Centrality of expositional preaching

Expose the main point of the text. Must be tethered to God’s word
Examples: Nehemiah 8, Luke 24, Acts 2, Acts 7
The pattern is: read God’s word, explain it, call people to respond (apply it)

Ch 4: what preaching does

The message of the gospel is counter cultural, offensive, status quo challenging i.e. sin , judgement, repentance i.e. christian preaching must therefore seek change.

Two main aims:

  1. Edify
  2. Evangelise. See Luke 4:43

Isaiah 55:11 – My word will not return empty

Ch 5: what to preach on: mixed diet

Ch 6: Sermon prep
Aim to: understand, explain, apply
Develop exegetical outline (main points in order they occur) then preaching outline
Get to the gospel: biblical theology (history) and systematic theology (doctrine)

Ch 7: structure of sermon

Introduction, exegesis, illustration, application, conclusion

Ch 8: delivering sermon

bring light and heat
Logic on fire
People won’t remember the details but still impacted by God’s word by his spirit

Tone: biblical, humble, clear, convicted, sober, joyful confidence

God is good and gives grace and strength to those who preach his word

Conclusion: Proclaim the only true message of salvation. Declare the glory of the saviour and king Jesus Christ.

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