Gospel Centered Discipleship by Jonathan K.Dodson

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Icon Jul 4, 2014

My notes and comments from this book below available on amazon.

  • Focus on being a disciple (noun) rather than discipling i.e focus relationship on Christ rather than on me
  • We can be imperfect Christians because we cling to a perfect Christ
  • The gospel saves and sanctifies therefore no need to distinguish between evangelism and discipleship?
  • All Christians are disciples. Disciples learn the gospel, related in the gospel and communicate the gospel
  • Work at diagonal discipleship i.e. grown in holiness (being like God) and mission (living for God)
  • Role of confession in discipleship is important i.e. 1 John 1:9. Confession is not for absolution of sins but a prayer to return to authentic self
  • Drink deeply from the cup of costly grace and fight to live lives of obedience to Jesus. We are not bound to rules, but bound to Christ. Put Christ at the centre of discipleship.
  • Drawing towards the master should delight us
  • God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. See Psalm 16:11
  • Repentance is one movement of turning away from to Christ in obedience
  • Holy spirit is presence and power of God
  • Fight for faith, depending on power and direction of holy spirit
  • ‘Be’ the church, rather than ‘do’ church i.e. be a Jesus-centred community
  • Reconcile people to God, and people to each other
  • Jesus Christ is better, richer, deeper and sweeter than anything else in the world.
  • Know your sin, fight your sin, trust your saviour