Another update on Baby Whitbourn #2

We have arrived home from yet another hospital stay, this baby really wants out it seems…
Had labour pains again early Tuesday morning. We dropped Maisie off to the Gillman house and made our way in. What a way to spend her first birthday! Lucky she loves visiting with Louise! Maybe we might have a Maisie birthday update once baby #2 settles down.
Arrived at St George Private and they started me on the same course of drugs I’d had over the weekend. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the immediate effect they had the first time.
I stayed in St George Private until after lunch. By this time, labour had continued to slowly but steadily progress. Preparing for what seemed like the inevitable, they decided to ship me off to Hurstville Community Hospital because they had special care nursery beds available. All the other local hospitals are full at the moment.
If the baby was born now, it would need special care for a few weeks. They told me the main issues would be with the baby’s breathing.
Surprisingly, late last night the contractions stopped again! Even more surprisingly, the Dr decided I could go home this morning so long as I continue the drugs to hopefully keep the labour stopped for the time being. It could stop for good or come again, so we wont be doing much in the next few weeks. Off to see my OBGYN tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks for the prayers and love that have been sent – we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family around us.

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  1. Lisa and Cade,
    I am thinking of you both and hope that baby #2 holds on for a little bit longer. My prayers are with you.
    Love Bec

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