Pippy @ 1.4

Pippa will soon be 16 months old! Its such a wonderful age – they learn new things everyday, amaze you with new words and actions and of course copy everything their older siblings do!
Pippa swim time
We have been blessed with yet another beautiful girl – Pippy is such a delight to spend each day with. She is into everything – one of her “games” is see how many times she can press the dishwasher button before we get in the kitchen to get her away from it. She presses and laughs and runs! She loves to be outside, in the dirt, in the rocks, in the water, in the sand – drawing with chalk is always something she wants to do now! Her sisters love giving her rides around the yard and swinging her in the swings.
Pippa bike ride
Her sisters are the most important people in her little life! Lots of games are played every day involving Pips – Alice and her have started role playing very nicely together – Pippy will grab a bag and a baby and join in on the Mums and Babys game that Alice loves to play. Her other great game that she loves is Snatch and Run – she will grab something of her sisters, show them that she has it and then run as fast as she can away from them whilst they chase her – screaming at her – whilst she just laughs at them… She never gets very far, but enjoys the chase.
Pippa bed time
Talking is another thing that she loves to do – and its always amazing to watch as they start to really communicate with you. Pointing and trying new words out, lots of animal sounds and dancing to songs. As soon as music comes on, she runs over to pick up a doll and start dancing with it – usually with Elmo, who is almost bigger than her… Provides plenty of laughs for us all.
Pippa Dinner
Still no hair – although a little mullet is forming at the back of her head! Her big blue eyes are always watching everything that is going on – she doesnt miss much!

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