This 4th child of ours has us constantly in tears of laughter.

One of the funniest things that she still does is “how much do you love your…” and she will    huggle the thing you have asked about – whether it is a jumper, sausage, toy, drink, body part… hours of laughs.

This is just a sample of some things she has said this year.

Pippa: I don’t want to turn 4, I want to stay 3 so that I can huggle you in your arms and you can rock me to sleep.


Pippa talking to Naa on the phone: I have been emailing Aunty May. She is my Aunty.


Pippa talking to Great Grandma Mary on the phone: Im waiting for Cade to get home, thats my Mums Husband.


Pippa: Throw it in the dumper – cause thats where we dump everything. (She was talking about the hair tie box in the bathroom)


L: Thats fantastic Mr Fox.

P: Im not a fox and Im NOT A BOY.


Pippa has a splinter in her foot, Lisa is trying to get it out:

L: Stay still I can’t get it out if you keep moving.



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