Pippa Elise @5.2 months

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Icon Apr 21, 2011

Pippy is growing up so fast!

Pippa Elise 5.2 months

In the last 3 weeks she has rolled front back to front and back, grown 2 bottom teeth, had her first arrowroot biscuit, eaten weetbix with apple and pear, drunk water from a cup – its seems like everything has just all of a sudden clicked and its not slowing down now!

First Arrowroot


pippy growing some teeth

What a wonderful little girl she is – so beautiful! Loves to sleep – which makes her even more wonderful! Loves her big sisters, but always enjoys time on her own as well (with no one squashing her into the ground). Bath time with her sisters is the best time – she grins and laughs the whole time she is in with them.

The big girls just delight in everything that she does, esp her biggest sister!


Maisie and Pippa