Pippa @ 3.1 months

Pippa Elise (or Pip, Pipsticks, Pips, Pippy longstockings, Pippy, Pipsta, or whatever other name come out at the time) is now 3 months old – time really does fly when you are having fun!

She is such a great little girl – who is constantly surrounded by her 3 older sisters! We picked Maisie up from pre school the other day – she walked straight past me and straight onto Pippa in the pram to tell her how much she had missed her that day…
The gang

She is doing all the things that babys do, a typical day is feeds at 5ish, 8ish, 11ish, 2ish, 6ish and then I wake her at 10 for the last one. She is having more and more up time which is nice. She seems to wake just in time for bath time with her sisters every night – which is her favorite time of the day – she squeals and kicks and laughs the whole time she is in. She is a big fat boomba who sleeps on her belly and is just the most beautiful little girl – I am really in love with her! I have to say that these last few months have drifted by quite quickly and peacefully and my little newborn babe is no longer a newborn!

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