Game of skill

Everyone is invited to play – the game is called “guess which baby is which”.
You need to pick which baby is Maisie and which baby is Talia.
reply to comments with your answers – and whoever picks correct will win a prize!

18 thoughts on “Game of skill”

  1. Dan says Moo on top, Tali on bottom. I say it’s the other way which is the correct way, cos the wife is always right. I’ll always remember what moo looks like in that outfit!

  2. Maisie is the top one and Tally is the bottom they are both very cute, i wonder wehther people will ask if they are twins(when they get older) (step and I get that a lot)

  3. Definitely Moo on the bottom – something about the eyes. Of course I’m basing this on having only seen Talia on day 2 of her life on the outside… 🙂
    Three days to go till you are out of an easy day’s drive.

  4. Maisie is the top one. Aren’t you lucky having two lovely babies! I can’t wait to see them!
    Love Love Love to you all,

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