Toilet Training Take 2

When I look back at the time when we were encouraging Maisie to start to toilet train, I remember wishing that she would just click it on overnight and then we would be done.
I remember hearing about kids who just decided on their own that they wanted to go to the toilet and there was no need for pull ups, pottys, cloth knickers, star charts and the promise of treats – snakes, lolly pops, freddos – the list goes on.
I remember reading books and websites about how to and when to and what to do and what not to do and how not to do it.
I remember fighting the fact that she wanted to wear knickers, but clearly wasnt ready to, but wasnt going to go back to nappies to save us spending most of our days cleaning up after her.
I remember cleaning puddles upon puddles of wee and the grossness of number 2s done in Dora knickers.
Now, I will remember that Miss Tally at just 2 years and 1 month is one of those kids that just clicked it on and has been in knickers all week and hasnt had any accidents AT ALL. I will also remember that this had nothing to do with US as parents, that she just decided to do it ALL BY HERSELF. No need for pottys or pull ups or star charts. I will remember this and what an awesome experience the past week has been – even if she goes backwards, she has been an absolute champ.

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