Pippy turns 2!!

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Icon Nov 11, 2012

Pippa had a birthday on the weekend – she turned 2! We had a fun day opening presents (which she can say very well) and then eating her “lolly take” – which she has been talking about for months.

Making the birthday cake
“helping” make the cake

Present time with sisters

present time

blowing out the candles
She had been singing to herself all week “happy birthday to you” and wanted to do the “tandles”

cake time
She got them out in one go!

yay, I did it!
” YAY I did it” is what she loves to say after doing something!

Two is such a fun age – the conversations that we have are so funny. She cracks us up every day with the funny things she does and says. She called Cade a stinky butt the other day – for no reason… She loves Peppa Pig, the Wiggles and Dor Dor (Dora). She gets upset over the littlest things and says “it hurts me”. “ohhh Mannnn” is what she comes out with all the time (thanks Dora) and she has the most beautiful manners that I have ever heard from a 2 year old – if you ask her something and she doesnt want to do it “no thank you”. She seems like such a big girl but she is still our baby!