6 month check up

Talia Mersey had her 6 month clinic check today which went really well. The clinic sister was very happy with all the growing that she has been doing!
She is eating farex, potato, pumpkin and weetbix and loves drinking from her cup of water. She loves to sleep and is having approx. 3 day sleeps and then goes to bed at 7:00pm and usually wakes up between 7:00- 8:00am. She loves playing with her big sister and their favorite game at the moment is peekaboo. She loves the water and has been swimming in the river, the uni pool and Great Grandpa Berts pool and enjoys bath time with Dad.
Latest stats are:
Length: 65 cm
Weight: 7.15 kilos
Head: 43 cm
Now – I know that you are not meant to compare children, but…
NEWSFLASH – the girls have exactly the same 6 month old stats, apart from the weight (Moo was 50 grams heavier).
Maybe they are twins after all, born 13 months apart…

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