Reflections from Week 1 Old Testament foundations

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Icon Feb 19, 2015

Purpose and goal of scripture (2 Timothy 3:16)

  1. orthodoxy: Right thinking
  2. orthopraxis: right action

It’s more than just that OT is fulfilled in Christ, but that the OT does not have the proper meaning if not seen in the light of Christ.

Need to be mindful of multiple authors and audiences of the Scripture. It is God and man, but human factors will influence how/what is written.

Genesis 1 was not designed and written to answer the question ‘how’ but ‘who’
Who: All powerful, singular, speaking, living, one true God

Genesis functions as an ancient apologetic with themes and messages counter to other creation narratives e.g. 1 God sovereign over all, humans the pinnacle of creation, global inclusion account rather than tied to particular people

To be made in God’s image is to be his representatives and to exert his rule under him. When we fail to rule under God, we fail to live up to our image (see Nebuchadnezzar humbled as a wild animal)

Model for interpreting the bible:

  1. Look up (prayer)
  2. look down (exegesis)
  3. look back and
  4. look forward (biblical theology)
  5. look here (application)