the wheels on the bus

Maisie has shown a great deal of interest in the buses that run around here. Mostly they are the ones filled with kids coming and going from school. The coolest thing for her is that her cousins catch the bus, so a few months ago she was asking me when she could catch the bus with them and I told her that when she is 5 years old she can go on the school bus.
The topic has been brought up a few times, mostly when we are driving and we see a school bus, but yesterday when we were in the depths of doctors office the conversation went like this:
Dr Man: “Whats your name?”
Maisie: “Maisie. Maisie Whibbourn”
Dr Man: “And how old are you Maisie?”
Maisie: “2.”
Dr Man: “And do you go to pre school?”
Maisie: “When Maisie 5 I go on school bus”
Dr Man: “Really!”
Maisie: “Tali go on school bus when 5. ”
Maisie: “Bubby go on school bus when 5.”
Lisa: “Hokay – thats enough sharing our lives with the dr..”

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