the beginning of the end

We have kicked toilet training into high gear here as Maisie decided to start using the potty. She is going great guns but this means long busy days waiting around for “things” to happen.
Its an interesting experiment of sorts – and one that Im sure is a massive thing for each parent to go through, and then forget about and only when prompted to remember does it all come flooding back.
Right now it is the biggest thing going on in the world to us – its taking up a lot more energy than I thought that it ever would, potty has to come here there and everywhere with us in a plastic bag and dragged from room to room around the house, knickers are worn loud and proud for the whole world to see and “pull ups” are now a part of the wardrobe for when we are going to be away from home for long periods of time.
Im sure this is just another stage of parenting that will come and go as quickly as the next thing – but at the moment it feels like we are in for a long ride!
*Monday Update – Dry all day as at 3:30pm. We have switched the treat from Freddos to Natural Confectionary Snakes with success!

One thought on “the beginning of the end”

  1. I’m not there yet…going out potty shopping in the next week or two. I’ve held off….I just wasn’t ready to face it but now that the weather is warming up we are definitely going to give this a shot as well! I’m sure we’ll all survive to tell the stories on the other side. Good luck!

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