sleeping & smiling beauty

Maisie slept from 11:00pm until 6:00am last night. This meant skipping her middle of the night feed for the first time ever. In saying this, we had a busy day with a visit from Penny, a trip to Cronulla Beach with Laura and Ben and then we were off to Church, so she didnt get much sleep during the day. Cade and I are keen to see if now that she has done it once, whether she will continue to keep the dream alive or not.
In other news, she has spent this morning showing me her new smiles that she has found within her facial features. She has been giving out cheeky grins for about 4 weeks, but usually these were with her eyes closed. Today we had eyes wide open and some cooing noises to join in with the fun. After I had enjoyed this new skill of hers, she screamed for 1/2 hour because she was tired and couldnt get to sleep. Must have been tired from all the smiling fun.

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