sicky sickerson

Maisie is sick with something that makes her be sick, so not quite sure what it is, from what I have read I would assume it the flu (maybe?).
We have her on a mattress in our room, which makes it easy when she calls out “mommy” in the middle of the night – all I have to do is answer her and she rolls back over. (I realise the “mommy” bit is the americanised spelling – but that is really how she is saying it at the moment).
After she is sick – she goes thru this hyper/weird/over excited stage that can last for up to about 1/2 hour – it is the weirdest thing. She talks about everything and anything and makes hardly any sense and just goes crazy until we can calm her down and stop the talking, which is then when she usually goes back to sobbing and just wanting to cuddle again. Cade ended up getting the camera out last night, but we were too busy trying to re make her bed with towels and get clean PJs on her to film anything. Also – not sure if thats the best footage we would want from her – I know I want to forget the last few nights and Im sure she does too…

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