Potty Training (that worked for us)

Maisie is going for gold with her potty training – this is run down of what worked for us.
Potty/Toilet seat: We got both and she would sit on both, but ended up choosing the potty to do her work on.
Knickers: “Dora” knickers were bought on a special shopping trip and then worn during the day to get used to the dry/wetness. This was the first step towards getting to the potty on time. Once she realised what was happening, it was just a matter of getting there quickly.
Treats: We started with frozen freddos (so they dont melt when she is eating) and then went to snakes and then went to a star chart in which after a few stars she gets a treat.
She is now in knickers all day apart from bedtimes and we have had some interesting potty stops (like on the way to albury on the side of the road with the potty on the floor of the car!) She looks so funny in her pants that used to have a massive big nappy there – now she needs a belt to hold most of her pants up!
The exciting thing is that we get to do it all again next year~ and the year after that!

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  1. I just cant understand how you can say you are bad at making decisions!Of course you are very good at it,silly. Love G G Mary. xxx

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