not without my happy

so, mooey went to bed tonite minus the one thing that has been very important in her life over the past 18 months – her “happy” (in other words her dummy – we called it “happy” as that was the brand that we bought).
she is only allowed to have it when she is in bed, so if during the day she goes and gets it out of her cot, we put her to bed or she has to give it up. it has been quite handy for her to let us know when she is tired!
tonite she was asking for “happy” after her bath, during her bible story and then all the way to her room. she sooked for about 15 minutes before i went into settle her and she asked for it again and i explained that she was a big girl and didnt need her happy to have a sleep. she then asked for daddy, so cade came in as well and we both said our goodnights all over again, and we havent heard from her since…
i am not sure if this is it for the pink happy – but its a positive step.
UPDATE: we didnt last long, we went one night and one day sleep without it, but that was it… oh well, we’ll try again another day!
mooey eating some noodles – 18 months old

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