No Mummy

When Maisie and I were talking about names for #3 this morning, she then went on to tell me my name was Lisa Whitbourn and her name was Maisie Whitbourn…
“Yes, that is your name. Your whole name is actually Maisie Elizabeth Whitbourn”
“No Mummy – Maisie Moo Whitbourn”

4 thoughts on “No Mummy”

  1. this is the first time I’ve laughed hard all day
    (excepting the point where I came outside to find Eliana munching on some licorice allsorts that were meant to be out of her reach…)

  2. yes I hear you! Lucy has two names for herself that she gives out in public:
    1. Purple Sugar Plum Rosie Thoms
    2. Pink Snuggle Bunny

  3. No – we arent giving it a hard time at all – Maisie loves it and wont let us call the baby anything else! Cades sister also knows someones baby boy here with the name! I am trying to “wean” her off the name, but its going to be a long 9 weeks!! Which also means that she will pbly tell you what the new name is if you ask her and she is in the right mood!

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