National Toddler Day

I think there should be a National Toddler Day where toddlers can do whatever they want – just for one day, so they can see that really they need boundaries and rules set for them to make their life easier.
I have become very aware of the boundaries and rules that are constantly given to Miss Maisie and she has started to come back with “why not?”. I am not ready for this next stage of parenting yet – I dont have all the answers nor the brain power to source them at this time.
Another thing that I am not ready for is that Tali has to copy everything that Maisie does – everything. Lets just say that meal times at our house are very funny at the moment and its hard to laugh on the inside all the time…

One thought on “National Toddler Day”

  1. The funny thing is, she doesn’t always get the usage of “Why not?” correct
    An example from last night –
    Me: Maisie, you have to go to bed now.
    Maisie: Why not?

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