Name the animal

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Icon Oct 27, 2007

Match the animal noise with the animal listed below. Leave a comment with your best guess (e.g. 1c, 2g etc).
a. dog
b. fish
c. horse
d. pig
e. monkey
f. elephant
g. owl

P.S. She does know more animals than these, but we just haven’t caught them on camera yet e.g. lizard, rabbit, cow, lion…

5 Replies to “Name the animal”

  1. mumsie says:

    1=pig, 2=monkey, 3=fish, 4=owl, 5=elephant, 6=horse and 7=dog. Or at least I think so. What an extraordinarily talented, intelligent and beautiful child you have. x x x

  2. may says:

    whoa that was tricky. her owl noise is SO cute. hahaa.
    my guesses are:
    1. pig
    2. monkey
    3. fish
    4. owl
    5. elephant
    6. horse
    7. dog
    hahahaa. i just realised i have the exact same thing as the person before me, but i didn’t cheat! this is also what i think. haha. though i must say dog isn’t really what i thought would be dog, but it was one of the only ones i had left.
    you should get her to do a kookaburra!

  3. ptazme says:

    1pig 2monkey 3fish 4owl 5elephant 6horse 7dog

  4. Grace says:

    Maisy is ADORABLE!!!!!! I miss you guys!

  5. Hassans says:

    1. pig
    2. monkey
    3. fish
    4. owl
    5. elephant
    6. horse
    7. dog
    The dog sounds a bit sick, the owl and the monkey where our fav

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