Miss Maisie @ 4.4


This is our big girl. Beautiful isnt she! Maisie has been at pre school Friday mornings this year and has enjoyed the responsibility that comes with that. She loves to help us get organised, with her school bag to be packed with what she has to take along each week. Next year she will be going two days a week to a new pre school which is just down the road from our house. She enjoys spending time playing games here at home with her little sisters. Mums and Babies is by far the pick of the bunch – I wake up most mornings to some variation of this game going on somewhere in the house. Maisie loves to be able to “help” her sisters do things, which sometimes causes some grief at them not being able to do it.

She still naps most days – if not every day. We did think that she was going to drop them at one stage, but we have found that she really does still need that time to rest, some days she will sleep longer than the other two! She loves to help cook dinner, garden, sort the washing and just recently we have let her have some “computer time” where she plays some educational games on a website that are for pre readers. She seems to be enjoying learning to read – something I need to invest more time in with her.

She is becoming more and more self confident and there is lots of attitude coming out in her- one minute she is fine and the next “ahhhh!!”. Her hair is crazy, flyaway/curly/thin – she still hasnt had a haircut! It has grown, but its very hard to manage! She is average height for her age, which is a good thing for us as her and Tally are wearing the same size clothes at the moment so they just share their wardrobe! Her eyes are big and blue and so amazing to look at. She is very fit – has a great running style that Cade is impressed with and is going really good in the water with her swimming again this spring. She gets flushed pink cheeks when she is too hot and her hair goes all curly and crazy when she sweats to much!


We are starting to see her personality change and develop – with parts of both Cade and I clearly coming thru. She can still be very shy and introverted, but loves to get to know people and has many stories to tell… which we are finding interesting as parents! She is very interested in what people have to say and you can sometimes see her tiny little mind just ticking over everything that is going on and being said. Her nightly prayer can consist of some things that we would never have thought she would be thinking about!!

Maisie has been a “big sister” since she was a teeny tiny 13 month old, and she has a very strong bond with her two little sisters. She is excited about the baby coming, but more interested in the logistics about the baby arriving – bed, bathtime, sitting arrangements…. the list goes on!

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