Miss Clappy Clapperson

After weeks of waving her hands and arms up and down when she is cheering, Mooey finally clapped on monday afternoon. Since learning this new skill, she hasnt stopped clapping. She clapped when I got her out of bed this morning, after her bottle, throughout breakfast, whilst waving goodbye to Cade, when I picked her up from Child Care, right through dinner, most of her time in the bath and then when I was putting her to bed. I wouldnt be surprised if I went in there now and she was clapping in her sleep…

One thought on “Miss Clappy Clapperson”

  1. Lisa & Cade, I have just stumbled across your website & must say your little girl is beautiful. I had a little boy, Blake, exactly a month before Maisie. It is amazing how quickly they grow and how every new thing they do is so exciting. Congratulations – Marissa from JFHS

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