Finally, I got the words from my baby that I have been waiting to hear. The dadadadas have been coming on strong for over a month now, and every day I have been saying “yes, I know that you can say dada, but what about mama?”.
It was a slow work up, from when Moo would be upset and just grizzling mumumuamam or something to that effect, but this weekend we broke through with a mamama when I was least expecting it, and when I thought she would be saying “cat” or “jacq” before mama.
Communicating with babies is a interesting thing. She knows to look for our dog when I say “wheres Punky” or to get ready to do some serious crawling and chase after Charlie when I say “cat – where is the cat”. There are also little commands that we can now communicate – like “wave bye bye” or “kiss for Mummy” which she will do if she is in the mood.
So, after all that excitment, it is actually some sad news that I logged on to write. Maisie will be finishing up at her Child Care centre next week, as they instructed us that they were over their legal limit of children in the babies room and we were the family that was being asked to move. Which means that Maisie has to say goodbye to Miss Larissa, her favourite teacher who she enjoys playing with on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Miss Larissa has been wonderful to Maisie – full of love and joy, which is what you want when you are dropping your baby off to Child Care before heading off to work for the day.

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