Maisie’s milestones from her first week as a 1 year old

  • She has learnt to find and point to her Nanny Jill whenver her Nanny’s name is mentioned. This is impressive considering Nanny Jill only arrived in town a few days ago.
  • She has learnt to ‘woof’ like a dog. She will even point to a picture of a dog (e.g. walking through the toilet paper aisle in the supermarket) and make a woofing noise.
  • She has learnt how to take a spoonful of food and feed herself. She will even pass you back the spoon when she wants some more.
  • She has learnt to appreciate the good work of our family GP. Even after being needled in the leg 3 times for her 12mth immunisations, she wanted to give our doctor a kiss goodbye before leaving his office!

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