Maisie home today

Maisie a few hours oldA quick update to let you know mum and daughter have arrive home safe and well. We are spending the day adjusting to the new member of the household.
This picture was taken when Maisie was a few hours old. It’s a nice intimate moment caught on Nanny Jill’s mobile phone camera. She’s fast asleep clutching my finger.

4 thoughts on “Maisie home today”

  1. i was just thinking today, whats punky and charlies reaction to little maisie? i hope your all addapting . love nat

  2. Well, funny you should ask. Charlie has been hiding under our bed since she came in this afternoon – she wont even come out for her tuna… and Punky hasnt even noticed – she only cares that I am home to go out and kick the ball..

  3. His Lis
    so great to hear the news Maisie is so cute hope all is well i bet your glad to be home! look forward to the updates
    Love Lisa

  4. A card is on its way.
    Maisie born same day as me.
    73 years difference!
    Lots of love
    Margaret (Sherborne)

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