Maisie Elizabeth @ 3.5

I have been trying to get around to doing this post for a while now – but it just seems like there is far too much to write about our darling eldest child. It seems pretty much that every parent I speak to that their kids enjoy doing all the same things as what she does, so here is a brief run down for us to look back on for the future.
Maisie loves to sing and dance. She is a very girly girl. She loves to put on dress ups and dance around anywhere and everywhere (even in the supermarket). The Sound of Music is the most regularly played CD around here at the moment alongside Colins Favorites – with Super Saviour the most requested at the moment. Her favorite colour is pink. She loves to read books and does different voices for the different characters.
She still needs her routine and likes to ask “but what after” when we will be doing something later in the day. She still has a lunchtime sleep time most days and she still takes one of her old wraps from when she was a baby to bed with her. She can spell out and write her name (when she feels like it!) and loves to draw and paint. She loves to do anything crafty with sticky tape and glue. Her current favorite dinner is sausages.
She enjoys playing outside with water and rides her big girls bike with training wheels all over the place. She has gone from not wanting to put her head under the water to jumping in and swimming across the pool at Great Grandma Marys house in about 6 weeks. She is very aware of her environment and knows where to go if we are driving somewhere familiar. She has started to push the boundaries like answering back to us and also picking fights her sisters. She picks up the funniest things, like at the moment its very important to her to let us know who her “best friends are” (they change all the time…)
She is looking forward to her pre school day this year – she is talking about it all the time, and this morning she drew a picture all about it.
Maisie Whitbourn
Pre School drawing
The people up the top are her family and up on the right is Hamish and herself going off to her preschool which is down the bottom. The person that is purple down the bottom is Helen, her preschool teacher!

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