Maisie @7.1

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Icon Jul 9, 2013

So Maisie has just turned 7! She has really grown up into her own little self in the past 6 months – year one has changed her! Another little girl who just loves school and is very social, loves to read and also loves computer time. We gave her an email address which she uses to email family and friends from which she thinks is pretty cool. She is good at getting everyone organised in the games that they play – and helped me with the organising of the womens conference that our Church was working on by getting the forms and filling in details. She enjoys helping us. Earlier in the term her class was on assembly but she would be missing out due to us being away for Winter Camp which upset her a bit, so her teacher let her do the presenting up the front on the microphone the week before we went which she thought was super awesome. She did a great job at it and was very pleased with herself having such an important role to play. She is our thinker – at times I feel like I can see her brain ticking over…