Let me be honest with you…

This morning we were trying to get a very tired Tali back to sleep, so Maisie had a breakfast time that started with Cade, had me in the middle and then finished off with Cade. When Cade went back for the last “shift” he asked Maisie:
Cade- “How was your weetbix – did you eat it all up?”
Moo – “Maisie silly breakfast”
C – “You were silly with your breakfast?”
M – “Yes. Put hands in”
C – “You put your hand in your weetbix?”
M – “Yes. Mummy wipe hands”
C – “Mummy had to wipe your hands?”
M – “Yes”
Cade called out to me and asked if Maisie had been “silly” with her breakfast, to which I replied yes… and then I noted how we only have a limited time of our children being so honest with us!

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