in the garden

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Icon Mar 3, 2008

Maisie and Cade planted some basil and oregano in the garden yesterday.
Here is Maisie doing the “tickle tickle tickle” to the basil.

3 Replies to “in the garden”

  1. Cade says:

    “tickle” was the only way I could get her to actually touch the roots of the plants.
    Unfortunately Moo was a lot more interested in pointing to the “yucky” dirt accumulating on her hands and arms, rather than help me too much with the planting.

  2. OB says:

    I’m with you Moo. Why bother getting your hands dirty when somebody else is content to do the gardening.

  3. Grandma says:

    The house looks lovely and the girls even lovlier -cant wait to see -maybe coming through Wagga next Monday -will let you know. We think we are going to Forbes. Love G G ma x

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