Hungry, thirsty and tired

Maisie has a few new favourite expressions that she has learnt to use for great impact.
“I’m huuunnngrrry”
It’s hard to refuse a toddler pleading for sustenance. Although she gives the game away when she continues to plead for food even though we offer her an assortment of options. It seems she’s not hungry so much as she wants something specific to eat, and it’s usually not the healthy fruit option but a bikkie of some description.
“I’m thirrrrsty”
Maisie usually uses this one once we’ve put her in bed for the night. Clearly this is a delaying tactic, but I must admit I fell for it the first couple of times.
“I’m tiiiiiired”
Lisa and I are yet to work out exactly why Maisie claims to be tired from time to time. She may actually be tired, but that seems unlikely when she is otherwise bouncing around. Our best explanation is that she knows she can have her happy (dummy) and wrap when she goes to bed or lies down on the couch, and since being sick a couple of weeks ago, she has been a lot more needy for her comfort items.

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