House Party

No, this is not a party at our house, nor a party at anyone elses house, but the preparation weekend for the leaders for PY’s Winter Camp that will be held on the June long weekend. We just got back from an overnight stay at The Tops Conference Centre which is where Winter Camp will be held. Maisie had a great weekend, hanging out with all the other kids and playing outside. The only sad thing is that now she has about 10 mozzie bites on her head and face, due to a little friend entering our room and attacking her whilst she slept. They dont seem to bother her much, but look very red and sore.
In other news, Baby Whitbourn #2 is coming along nicely. 11 weeks to go now. I have to teach Maisie “gentle” and “quietly” in those 11 weeks, so its going to be interesting times ahead…
Also – Happy Mothers Day to our wonderful Mums. We love you both and wish that we could have been at home to see you both, but you will have to settle for a phone call later on tonight!

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