Grunt, burp, hiccup and fart

These are all the non-crying noises that Maisie ever makes. And she makes them all quite frequently.
She grunts while she’s feeding. She burps and hiccups once she’s finished. And she farts pretty much any time she feels the need.
She really doesn’t cry that much, yet. And even when she does, there’s always a reason why. It could just be my bias but her crying doesn’t bother me – it’s not very loud and afterall, it is her only way of communicating effectively with us (sure, the grunts are communication but they don’t elicit a flurry of responses like crying does).
The good news for Lisa is that Maisie is slowly but surely staying awake less and less during the middle of the night. Her nightime feeding is getting slightly shorter by the day, which is very encouraging.

One thought on “Grunt, burp, hiccup and fart”

  1. Lol…flurry of responses is the correct terminology to crying….Does Maisie cry when she’s tired/falling asleep?? I think that’s the weirdest/hardest thing to cope with from Shelby….especially when trying to get her to sleep on the train coz everyone looks at you like you’re mean or something but it does only usually last for 20 seconds max…PHEW!

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