F to the A to the R to the T

I couldnt think of a nice way to write the word above, so I thought that I could get away with it by kind of not writing it.
ANYWAY – the reason that is the title is because my beautiful eldest daughter has learnt that word (NOT from me) and uses it to let us know when either she or someone else around her has “gone with the wind”.
I have been trying to teach her another, more polite word – and I thought that we had it done and dusted, but at breakfast this morning when she¬† “let one go” the old word slipped back out, which was met with me having to leave the room and have a quick sob to myself.
I knew that this would happen – and I thought that I was prepared for it – but I AM NOT.
AND, I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to Murray and Rach for any “slippery” words that I may or may not have taught Tom whilst working at PY…

4 thoughts on “F to the A to the R to the T”

  1. O, all the joys of parenting… welcome to the journey
    of accepting you are not in control of every area your precious ones’ lives.
    You are doing a fantastic job… yay, keep on training and trusting. Hug.

  2. Funny my lovely mother should comment, cos that is her all time mort “favourite” word. I’m sure you are training and learning with your girls wonderfully. And I’m sure they will have only slight emotional scarring… x

  3. Yes, Lucy uses this word too! And she doesn’t use it in a normal tone either. It is usually shouted loudly and proudly. AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

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