Day 4 update

Maisie is passing all her tests and continues to be happy and healthy. At this early stage, she seems to have a relatively calm and laid-back demeanour (a bit like her…). But ofcourse things could change.
Lisa and I were reflecting today about how everything that Maisie is, is a combination of everything Lisa and I are. When I touch Maisie, everything I touch is the product of the both of us.
It’s wierd, but utterly enthralling.
A few new photos added in a new category called ‘The first few days’

3 thoughts on “Day 4 update”

  1. FAR OUT DUDES!!!!!!!! So amazing to see these pages. WOW guys its fantastic and I am so happy for you three. May your life together, fill you all with love, joy and conplete happiness.
    Sorry we didnt get to see you today but I will make an effort to get to Sydney to see you three.
    God bless you all!!!!!!

  2. hi there lisa cade & maisie, sorry i cant get up there for all the hugs & kisses! love you all, wonderfull photos and hope to see you soon! YAY YAY YAY for the beautiful baby!

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