Bye Bye MB

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Icon Feb 19, 2007

Last Thursday Maisie and I said goodbye to Mary Beth as she flew out of Sydney and on to her Eastern Europe adventure (with a short trip to NY to see her new neice!). We were very lucky to have MB come and stay with us for a few nights either side of her Australian leg of the trip. Hopefully it wont be to long until we are all able to see her again.
MaryBeth and Moo
Maisie is going at 100 miles an hour. She is scooting along the floor in a commando type of crawling motion. Her new favourite game is to chase our cat Charlie around the house. She seems to be enjoying her two days at child care a week and her favourite song at the moment is the theme to the abc kids show – Trotro.
In other news, for those who dont know, Maisie is going to be a big sister in July. So if anyone has any ideas about a new name for a Cade, Lisa, Maisie & new Baby website – please let us know…