Book Eater

Maisie has turned into a book eater.
She will read the selected book a couple of times and then turn to the spine and start chomping away.
Does anyone know how to cure her of this?

3 thoughts on “Book Eater”

  1. Covering things in tabasco sauce works with a kitten? The certainly stop chewing on things in a hurry….
    On second thoughts, perhaps not as helpful as i first imagined.

  2. No amazing suggestions. I think it’s a matter of consistency more than anything. I’d just say no or stop or whatever you say when she’s doing something you don’t want her to do. Take the book away and give her something she CAN chew on.
    How’s the week going? Need any meals?

  3. Hmmm… sounds very familiar.
    We had a book eater too – and it didn’t seem to matter what we did somehow the spine of the book ended up gnawed…
    We tried teething rings, rusks, other ‘acceptable’ toys but she just preferred books. When we took everything away – the wooden cot was getting chewed.
    Cardboard books suddenly seemed a much better option that painted wood.
    They just grow out of it..
    I would suggest you try wholemeal books!

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