bed time fun

Cade is at SWAG tonight, so Moo and I were left on our own to sort out dinner, bath and bed. Usually this runs very smoothly and she is asleep as soon as she gets into bed. I thought that tonight was going to be the same, so I sat down and ate my dinner and then started to do some cleaning up. It was then I heard the laughs and screams coming from her room. I opened her door up and there she was standing and bouncing up and down in her cot thinking it was the funniest thing in the world. I settled her down and left the room, 10 minutes later the same thing was happening.

Its so hard not to laugh at her when she is clearly having such a fantastic time, so I had to lay her back down and leave the room very quickly. She is still in there bouncing away, Im not sure of the appeal of it – but she seems to be enjoying herself.

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