2 months old

New photo gallery – Maisie @ 2mths old.

Maisie has graduated from the bassinet into her cot and also from the baby bath into the big bath. This has been the biggest change that we have seen in her growth over the past few weeks. She is also spending some more of each day more awake and happy to babble and coo her way through conversations with us.
Maisie's cot020806 024.jpg
Cade was running in the City to Surf today. Maisie and I showed our support by watching it on the TV in our PJ’s.

4 thoughts on “2 months old”

  1. She’s Beautiful! Hope Mummy & Daddy are going well too. Kathryn 🙂 PS I think the girls had the right idea re City to Surf.

  2. sorry, Stephi put in that last comment
    congratulations on the run Cade-you’re still getting faster
    the pajama party sounded like fun too though girls

  3. Hey Cade and Lisa,
    Maisie is only getting more and more cute by the day! I love checking the website to see what you have posted. Can’t wait to meet Maisie!
    Love Bec

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